Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A/W according to moi...

Below is a little piece I did for the girls over at Ballad of - seriously worth checking out their website even if you don't fancy trolling through my ramblings!!!

Trends come and go but season-to-season my style remains the same, an expression of the ever evolving me. At present I am embracing denim, long skirts, clashing prints, vintage nightgowns and most importantly an orange hair do – my slightly warped idea of SS10!


I believe it may be time for ladies to become ladies again, according to Mr. Marc Jacobs’s this will involve long, A line skirts, belted waists and the return of that womanly shape so many of us have been trying to fight since puberty! Now as a general rule I am not the most feminine, lugging multiple suitcases around on the delight that is London transport does not allow for full skirts, intricately fastened belts and perfect up do’s but I definitely think there is something to work with here. Is this a cry from women folk to be treated with the old fashioned values that seem to have gotten lost while we were working our way to the top? Or is this simply the new way to snare a man? We have tried short and tight so maybe the way forward is to accentuate those features that take us back to the primal instinct of mating.


Decadent, luxury and lavish materials have I believe appeared as the clothing equivalence to Neighbors’ – pure, undulated escapism. Gone are the days that one could pop to Harvey Nicks when in need of a new dress, bonuses have become a cheap bottle of plonk and that money you saved is going to be spent on something truly special and of course completely self-indulgent. People are being re trained as to the value of money and quality is back in its rightful place above quantity. The craftsmanship and materials shown at Christopher Kane, Alexander McQueen and Miu Miu were exquisite and much more beautiful than the lies used by the government to try and cover up this mess! I am not suggested burying your head in the sand merely easing the day-to-day monotony of life with something completely fabulous and over the top.


Hemlines have come down and collars have gone way, way up. I suppose this is a reaction to the job crisis going on all around us, everyone is trying to be viewed as a respectable, hardworking employee and as much as I hate to say it covering up does appear to show certain mature attitude. Stella McCartney, Phoebe Philo and Hannah McGibbon are all ladies who feel that in these trying times require a certain image.


On a slightly irrelevant note I think it may be acceptable for me to purchase a pair of bootleg trousers – I’m thinking burgundy, crushed velvet like at Alexander Wang or maybe super soft black leather like Erin Wasson showed? Luckily I will have the money for neither so this is not a decision I will be forced to make!!


Wednesday, 10 February 2010


I'd like a bag that goes on my back,
And also a beige burberry mac,
Some lycra shorts with a bright, floral print,
And a classic Chanel - maybe in mint?

I'd love anything made by Christopher Kane,
And a posh umbrella that keeps off the rain,
A bum bag in denim I think could be cool,
And a fluorescent scrunchie like when I was at school,

My taste-buds were tickled by some YSL Clogs,
And those cute Miu Miu platforms covered in dogs,
That dinosaur bag by Mr Giles Deacon,
I need it, I love it I want one, I WANT ONE!


image from jak & jil


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Let's face it...

... none of use are curing cancer we are simply playing dress up, it is however a seriously good game and not a Lycra superman costume in sight!!?!?! That said even I sometimes forget that shoes are just shoes and the world will not melt if the Jean Paul Gaultier look does not arrive in Paris by 10am! But enough, have a look at the rest of our weekends work...

jasmine edit one

Jasmine @ Profile

pinky edit 4

pinky edit 3

pinky edit 2

Pinky @ Profile


Monday, 8 February 2010

1 suitcase, 2 days, 3 mums ...

... 1 protective dad and brother team, 8 models, a Tupperware box of the best homemade flapjack EVER tasted and 40 AMAZING photographs!!!

Here is what has been edited so far - please bear in mind that it is only Monday evening and we did need to catch up on a little sleep!

zoe edit one

zoe edit two

Zoe Brown @ Profile

maddie edit four

maddie edit three smaller

Madeline Grant @ Profile

sam edit two

Sam @ Profile

More to come soon but for now a big thank you to Joanie, Kaori, Angela and Karina @ Wonderland Studios for all their help and support.


Monday, 25 January 2010

Fun fashion...

... although actually I think just fun would probably best describe the below pictures.

Chloe @ Premier

Cara @ Storm

zoe edit four

Zoe @ Premier

I am very much of the opinion that you should do what ever it is that makes you happy, for me that is making cute photos, watching trashy TV and wearing shoes that cost 10 times more than the rest of my outfit!


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Test Shoot - Lilah

I met the young Grant Thomas in mid Decmber - the next day we created this with a little help from Lilah @ Profile...

These have now been put into her portfolio and she has had some really positive comments - it's so exciting when a day that fun can have such productive results.


Thursday, 14 January 2010

Geek Chic...

I'm not sure if it is correct or allowed to share ones feelings about a subject an um 'uncool' as that of this post but here goes....

For many years now I have been a complete sucker for trashy american crime drama, my favorite is constantly changing - generally which ever season I have most recently downloaded will become my obsession du jour! CSI, 24, Dexter but right now my love is pure, only Criminal Minds can distract me from my fashion bubble!!! Some of the quotes they come out with are just hilarious and every episode I am on the edge of my seat wondering if they will catch the bad guy even though 99% of the time they do. People always say how predictable these things are, that they knew from the beginning it was the ex-wife or the sysnofrentic next door neighbor, I however like to take a more simple approach and let the story unfold in from of me - no brain power required! This also leaves my mind free come up with reasons as to why Dr Spencer Reid and I are destined to be!!!!!!! Ha - I sound like a psycho but wait it gets worse.

So while watching a few episodes (okay 6) of season 5 I had to pause mid way through and call my sister (she has seen ALL of them) to make sure that a lady (who shall be know as 'the devil!') who was flirting with Dr Reid was no going to become a permanent fixture. There was also an episode when he got exposed to the Anthrax virus - needless to say there was a slightly hysterical call too my lil' sis to make my lover would survive this ordeal. Okay enough self indulgent waffle I shall post a few pictures and be done!

I think it's the cheek bones that really get me!

There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness but of power. They are messangers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love"-Washington Irving.